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By submitting the above form: I, as owner and/or authorized agent of the owner of the aircraft described herein, hereby authorize abAviation LLC/GA Avionics, its agents and employees, to undertake and perform all repairs detailed herein, together with all necessary labor, parts, materials, and supplies required in order to effectuate same. abAviation LLC/GA Avionics, its agents, and employees is/are further authorized to operate and/or test fly said aircraft for the purpose of testing and inspection. I understand that certain repairs and maintenance will be required to obtain an airworthy log entry and hereby authorize all repairs, maintenance, parts, materials, supplies, additional to those listed above, which may be deemed necessary by abAviation LLC/GA Avionics. I understand and agree that all labor, parts, materials, supplies, and work are performed on a COD basis unless other arrangements have been agreed upon. In the event that payment is not made upon delivery, same could be subject to finance charges and parking or storage fee, which I agree to pay. In order to secure payment for all such parts, labor, materials, supplies, and work, abAviation LLC/GA Avionics is hereby granted an express mechanics lien. In the event that it becomes necessary for abAviation LLC/GA Avionics to employ the services of an attorney to enforce its rights hereunder to collect any balance due, the owner and/or agent agrees to pay all court costs and reasonable attorneys' fees incurred with regard thereto by abAviation LLC/GA Avionics. abAviation LLC/GA Avionics is relieved of all responsibility for all loss or damage to said aircraft or articles left therein in the event of fire, theft, or any other cause beyond the direct control of abAviation LLC/GA Avionics.   By signing below, I attest that I am the owner and/or authorized agent of the owner of the aircraft and have full authority to approve the work described above.  



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